Windows Mobile 5 Devices and MSFP Update 2

In my previous post (, I tried to clarify the link between Exchange 2003 SP2, Direct Push, Windows Mobile 5 Devices and the Messaging and Security Feature Pack.  Evidently, I was not as clear as I thought I was so I'm providing another update to my original post.

1.  Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) Devices are already available from some phone manufacturers and are being carried by certain Mobile Carriers (Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint to just name a few).  Others are on their way out and should be available soon.  These devices DO NOT have the MSFP bits included.

2.  The MSFP bits are NOT publicly available to consumers.  Instead these bits were given to the phone manufacturers / mobile carriers to incorporate into the OEM build of the WM5 OS for their specific phones.

3.  The WM5 phones that will include the MSFP bits should be available in the April timeframe (I emphasize SHOULD).  If you contact your mobile carrier, I doubt most of the sales folks would know what you are talking about.

4.  If you already own a WM5 phone (that do not have the MSFP bits included), you should keep an eye out on your mobile carrier's website around the April timeframe (or perhaps even May) to see if they have a flash update for you to download.  As I am a T-Mobile customer myself, I was able to get some information for T-Mobile.  It looks like T-Mobile will provide a free ROM update for customers who purchase the two WM5 phones between now (or when they actually become available) and the time the MSFP bits are incorporated into their build (once again, rougly the April timeframe).

5.  If you want to take advantage of the Direct Push, GAL Lookup, Remote Wipe and Security Policy enforcement capabilities that are exposed via Exchange Server 2003 SP2, you must have WM5 devices with MSFP bits.  What this means for you right now is that these features are NOT available to you.  Why, you may ask?  Because the WM5 phones being sold today DO NOT have the MSFP bits included yet!

6.  If you do have a WM5 phone, you can still connect it to your Exchange 2003 SP2 environment, but will need to set the synchronization time to 5 minutes if you want it to be as up to date as possible without using the AUTD (SMS) option or doing a manual sync every time.

I hope this is a clearer explanation of the current situation.

Harold Wong

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