From wet to dry: Phoenix breaks record for days without rain

I spent almost 2 weeks in Seattle and came so close to seeing the record for consecutive days of rain get broken.  Unfortunately, on Sunday, January 15th there was no measurable rain.  Then I return home to Phoenix and we are closing in on the record for consecutive days without rain (101 days).  Well, we have just broken that record.  At least I was present for a record to be set.  Unfortunately, this was not a record I wanted to see broken.  As I am typing this, I am listening to the news being replayed on TV and hear that Seattle is expecting 8 inches of rain.  Boy, if only that could be redirected to Phoenix somehow!!!

I will be praying for rain here as we really need it!!

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  1. castrunk says:

    I think your lack of rain is the same reason we have a warm winter here in Minnesota. All of our weather is coming from the Pacific rather than from Canada.

    <fanciful dream zone>
    Too bad we can’t beam water – or better yet – snow ala Star Trek. I could have a clean driveway in seconds just by beaming the snow there to a patch of parkland. At 70+ degrees, this would be water in minutes.

    </fanciful dream zone>

  2. Harold Wong says:

    Yes, I wish that were possible!!! You could beam your snow right to our resevoirs and we would be in good shape!!

  3. castrunk says:

    And for high entertainment…beam it right over a boater’s head.

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