The Apprentice: My Thoughts

I'm not sure who has been watching The Apprentice on NBC, but I just saw the 2 hour finale last night and just had to share my thoughts.

I (and my wife) thought that both Randall and Rebecca were equally qualified for the position.  This was the first time we saw the final two candidates being equally qualified and were hoping that Donald Trump would do another first - hire both of them.  As the interview process at the board room table with Donald, Caroline and George progressed, I thought that Rebecca did a much better job of promoting herself without "bashing" Randall.  On the other hand, I thought Randall did just the opposite - he started to bash Rebecca.  My respect for Randall dropped considerably at that point.  Then, Donald hired Randall and asked him his opinion of whether he would hire Rebecca and he responded with "This is the Apprentice, not the Apprenti or Apprentices" and that there should only be one - Randall.  This caused me to lose total respect for the dude.  I thought that was totally selfish and stupid.  I'm willing to bet that had the tables been turned and Rebecca would have been hired, she would have said "I would definitely hire Randall!". 

Of course, we'll never know for sure, but I'm going to stick to my guns on that.

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