TechNet Event: Denver, CO – October 12, 2005

On back to back days, we had two TechNet Events.  On Tuesday, it was in Fort Collins.  Then on Wednesday, October 12, 2005 we had another event (same content) in South Denver / Englewood.  The Event in Denver also went off without a hitch and the weather warmed up (was able to head out to lunch without my jacket).  During the Denver Event, I had one question that I will have to research and ping the SQL Product Group for help on.  Please let me know if I got the question correct.

1. In SQL 2000, 1 Maintenance Plan can have multiple tasks with multiple schedules.  How does this convert when Upgrading the SQL 2000 Server to SQL 2005?  In the SQL 2005 Maintenance Plans, it would seem only one schedule can be assigned to a given Plan unlike the SQL 2000 environment.

For those of you who are interested in getting involved with the SQL Server User Group in the area, please visit  Also, if there are any other User Groups that anyone is involved with, please email me the information and I will notate that in another post.  Thanks!

Harold Wong

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