TechNet Event: Albuquerque, NM – October 6, 2005

We just had our Albuquerque, NM TechNet Event on October 6, 2005 during the week of the International Balloon Fiesta.  During the Event, I had two questions come up that I did not have an immediate answer for.  I am restating the questions below to ensure I did not miss anything - so please let me know if I got both of them right or if I left a question out.

1. For Peer to Peer Replication (in SQL Server 2005), what is used to ensure transactions are replicated?  Is it the GUID / Primary Key?
2. When using the Best Practices Tool, there is an Upgrade Best Practices component that gives information regarding a SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 upgrade.  How do these recommendations compare to the ones presented by the Upgrade Advisor?

I will post an answer as soon as I get the correct answer myself.  Thanks for your patience!

Also, during the Event, I called out some User Groups and promised to post information about them so that you know who to go to for membership / meeting details.

1. Albuquerque VB User's Group - Hardin Brothers (
2. New Mexico.Net User Group - Mike Hildner (,

If you are participating in a User Group, but were too shy to come up to let me know which one it is, please feel free to email me the information at and I will post the information in another blog post.  Thanks again!


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