TechNet Event: Las Vegas, NV – September 1, 2005 (Follow up)

We had our TechNet Event in Las Vegas on September 1st.  I got sick when I returned home and have been a bit slow in getting back up and running.

During the Event in Las Vegas, I had a few questions from the audience that I did not have an immediate answer for.  I am recapping the questions below.

1. Does the Upgrade Advisor provide recommendations based on Data Type changes?
2. Is a HTTP Endpoint similar to MUMPS and CSP?
3. Is there a client tool to change passwords if password policy is adhered to - including password expiration?
4. Are there other granular permissions available that are similar to the Trace Permission?  For example, a specific permission to Shrink a database or to View Job Sets.
5. Is there a way to set the default connection to be set to Read Committed?
6. When implementing a Mirror with a Witness, what happens if the Witness cannot see the Principal even though the Mirror still can?
7. In the DTA, what is "Aligned Partitioning" referring to?

I will research all these questions and post an answer as soon as I get one.  Thanks for your patience on this.

I was also asked to post the scripts that I used during my demos.  I will do that in a separate post (following this one).

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