TechNet Event: Phoenix, AZ – August 30, 2005 (Follow up)

We just had our TechNet Event in Phoenix yesterday morning at the Scottsdale Hilton (beautiful resort, but too dang hot to be standing outside).  We had 201 people show up for the event and overall, most people were happy with the topic discussed (SQL 2005). 

I found out there was some confusion on the TechNet Event yesterday and the SQL 2005 Roadshow that came to town last Tuesday, August 23rd.  The TechNet Event is a Microsoft Event (we control it) which is free to attendees.  The SQL 2005 Roadshow is NOT a Microsoft Event and we were only a sponsor for the event.  The organizers of the Roadshow chose to charge $99 for the event (which had about 175 people attend).  I understand some folks got confused when they received emails and phone calls about the change in date and venue for the TechNet Event (which was originally scheduled for August 23rd as well) and thought the change was for the SQL 2005 Roadshow (which they paid $99 for).  Because of this, they did not attend the Roadshow Event at the Biltmore last Tuesday and will not get a refund of the prepaid $99 fee.  If you happen to be one of these people, please email me ( and I will work with you on a resolution of some kind.  I cannot guarantee that anything can be done, but I will make every attempt possible.  I do apologize that this confusion occurred and will do everything in my power to ensure we don't have this happen again.

During the TechNet Event yesterday, I had a few questions that I did not have an answer to.  The questions are as follows:

1.  Is there a Transaction Log Viewer for SQL 2005?
2.  Is there a connection limit for SQL 2005 Express?
3.  Can SQL 2005 Express co-exist with MSDE on the same machine?
4.  Is there any documentation for SQL 2005 Integration Services?

If there were any others that I left off, please email those to me and I will include them as well.  I will post again when I get answers for the first 3 questions as I do not have those at hand.  I do have an answer for question 4 right now.

The SQL 2005 Books On Line does have some information regarding Integration Services.  Also, on the MSDN and TechNet sites, we have additional articles: (MSDNTV)

There are also non Microsoft sites such as that has some information.


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