Book Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I've been waiting for the latest Harry Potter book to come out and when it finally did, I went to the Phoenix Library and placed a hold on the book - I was 430th on the list.  I finally got the book yesterday and started reading it around 10:30 PM.  At about 6:15 AM this morning, I finished the book and closed it.

For those of you who plan on reading the book and don't want to have it ruined for you, please STOP READING!!


I am not going to do a complete review on the book, but thought I would just mention a few things that stick in my mind.


1.  Other than the fact that Cornelius Fudge had been replaced by Rufus Scrimgeour as Minister of Magic, I thought the entire first chapter (The Other Minister) to be quite boring and irrelevant.
2.  In the second chapter (Spinner's End), I was surprised to see that Professor Snapes was indeed still a Death Eater and a staunch supporter of Lord Voldemort (okay, maybe I wasn't quite that surprised).  As Snapes took the Unbreakable Vow, I was thinking that maybe Snapes was indeed still loyal to Dumbledore and didn't really know anything about what Voldemort was up to and therefore could make the Vow without any fear of breaking it.
3.  Based on Harry's past track record of being fairly correct with his suspicions, why does everyone still continue to doubt and discount his ideas?  If people would have listened to him to begin with, the entire series of events probably could have been avoided.  I guess that wouldn't make for a good book though.
4.  It's about time Harry and Ginny got together!!!!
5.  It's about time Ron and Hermione!!!
6.  Who the heck is R.A.B.!!!!!!!!!
7.  Did Dumbledore really die or is it a very complex deception to have Voldemort trust in Snapes even more so that they can eventually capture him?  I'm reminded of Lord of the Rings and how Gandalf dies, only to come back later to save the day.  I'm wondering if this is what is planned for the next Harry Potter book??

All in all, I really liked the book.  I guess I have to wait another year or so for book 7 in the series.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    At least if you haven’t read the book till now and are planning to do so. It can ruin your experience….

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