Seattle Sunny while Phoenix Rainy????

I spend July 30th - August 8th in Seattle, Washington for training.  As I reflect on that week, I realized that I enjoyed wonderful weather (mid 80's) the entire time I was there.  For most of that time, back home in Phoenix, AZ it was storming and humid as heck.  What are the odds that I would leave Phoenix where it was totally hot and dry and arrive in Seattle where it was cool (by my standards) and dry?  While back home, it got rainy and humid?  I'm just glad this was the week that was chosen for the training in Seattle as it allowed me to enjoy 9 days of wonderful weather (as well as my family since they decided to join me to get away from the heat in Phoenix).

Of course, as I prepared to depart for home, I noticed the clouds rolling in ... left just in time, I guess.


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  1. Don’t believe the "it always rains in Seattle" hype! Your summer-weather experience in Seattle is not at all atypical… the rain we get is mostly during the winter, and our summers tend to be quite nice (and sunny) from May until September.

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