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  1. Herman Brood says:

    Very good! That helped me a lot. Thanks!!

  2. LW says:

    Check your MySite host location and make sure you have included trailing / For instance: You have http://mysitehost and you should have http://mysitehost/

  3. Phil Lunsford says:

    What worked for me was a simple SQL Script.
    UPDATE UserProfile_Full
    –Set the # of characters to the length of your old URL. Max length was set to 100, your results may vary.
    SET PictureUrl = substring(pictureURL,19,100)
    –Set your old domain in here before the %
    PictureURL LIKE ‘http://olddomain:80%’

  4. Bjørn Roalkvam says:

    Excellent, thank you!

  5. xia says:

    You can delete User Profile Service,and then recreate the service! What’s most important, When sync picture,the MySiteHost Url can not missing “/”, and the script run to show picture can not missing “/” too.

  6. justin howell says:

    did you ever find a permanent solutionf or this issue.  We are up against the same issue as well.


  7. spadmin1 says:


    Is workaround 3 a permanent fix? or the issue (missing /) will reappear after the next profile sync?

    Please clarify!

  8. Parths2310 says:

    Thanks a lot that was really helpful!

  9. Parths2310 says:

    Thanks a lot that was really helpful!

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