Happy Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program Day!

While I may not have the authority or even the ability to formally declare a certain day of the year in the honor of a particular cause, program, person, etc., all of this holiday cheer going around—and the prospect of a long vacation just a few days away—has given me the confidence to declare today (December 15, 2011) Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program Day!

That’s right!

Happy Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program Day 2011!

Oh, before I go on to why we have things to celebrate today vis-à-vis the EAS Logo Program, it’s important to note that your humble Exchange partner community blogger has not confused EAS for Esperanto.  So, those of you who are celebrating Zamenhof Day today, I think there’s enough room for the two.

Gaja Esperanto tago!

Alright, on to the good stuff for you, the Exchange Partner ecosystem that makes this business of ours hum.

imageJust a little more than eight months ago, we unveiled the Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program in an effort to better help you help our mutual customers identify which EAS devices will deliver the best possible mobile experience. Effectively, we sought out to partner closely with handset manufacturers and mobile operators to establish a baseline of critical EAS functionality and then over time expand the expected level of capabilities for (again) the best possible mobile email experience.

To give you the latest and greatest on the program, I’ve asked Jim Lucey from my team, who looks after this program as part of his focus on Exchange ISV and hardware partners to fill us in:

I can’t believe it’s already been eight months since we started the Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program. A number of new devices have just been added to the program, including Nokia OS devices, as well as Windows Phone 7.5 devices.  And there are even a number of Android OS devices beginning the certification process.

For those of you just learning about this, the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Logo Program was designed to test mobile email devices using the EAS protocol, to ensure that customers and IT Pro’s have a seamless experience with setup, support and use of qualified devices. We have heard from you the increasing diversity of mobile devices your employees use to access company resources, is one of your top concerns. Many of these devices use Exchange ActiveSync for mobile email, but they are not all implemented the same. As such, it is difficult to find out what is supported on each device. The EAS Logo Program is intended to provide a baseline for EAS functionality on these mobile devices.

“So, what is new?”, you may ask… Well, we’ve recently added the following new qualified devices to the program website and are excited to share the growing list of EAS Logo devices for customers:

And, beyond this, we have a number of Android devices we will be adding to this page in the coming weeks.  Please check back regularly!


Jim Lucey
Sr. Product Manager
Exchange Partner Marketing

Dankojn por la updates, Jim!

And, Happy Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program Day!

Group Product Manager
Exchange Partner Marketing

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