New Messaging Competency Gets Its Test On

Earlier this morning, I had the opportunity to swing by Building 40 to welcome a number of Exchange SMEs (the subject matter expert variety) who will spend the next five days developing the questions that will ended up in our new Messaging competency technical assessments.

You’d be very impressed with the team we’ve assembled, who’s industry credentials include Exchange MCMs (Microsoft Certified Masters), MVPs (Most Value Professionals), owners of consulting businesses, holders of MPN competencies, and even a Blue Badger (the Microsoft FTE variety).  We also have a some nice representation from around the globe, even with a few folks joining from parts like Italy via Lync.

untitledOne of favorite takeaways of my short chat with the question crew: while all of them have taken a range of certification exams, tests, assessments, etc., many of them are writing questions for the first time.

I think this is great news, because it is always good to have a fresh perspective--especially one that is backed with a ton of experience and product expertise. 

These guys will be working this week with some of the big guns of psychometric consultation and test development from another partner of ours to make sure we translate these expertise into quality assessments for you to demonstrate your Exchange skillz (that’s right, skillz!).

Just a quick reminder: this work is contributing to part of the new requirements for attaining the Gold Messaging competency.  More specifically, we’ll be adding new assessments to test your abilities to deliver the advanced workloads (like security and archiving) of Exchange as well as implementing Exchange Online.  These new assessments are a key part of our goal to differentiate partners who’ve achieved the Gold level of our new competency.

I can’t wait to check in throughout the week to see how the question writing is going and watch these new assessments come to life right before my eyes.  And, don’t worry, I’ll keep you all updated along the way!

Happy Monday!

Group Product Manager
Exchange Partner Marketing

Comments (3)

  1. Hi Ian,

    thanks for that information – we currently evaluate our second Gold competency and Messaging if definitively an option to us.

    Peter Forster, Base-IT GmbH, Austria

  2. Ian Hameroff says:

    @Peter Forster, that's great news, Peter! Please do share your feedback and experiences with as you progress through the process of earning the Gold Messaging competency.



  3. Jason says:

    Hello Ian,

    We are working on maintaining our Gold Competency. Where can I find information about the 2 assessments listed in the Gold Competency overview, specifically this part:

    In addition, your organization must employ or contract with two people who have passed the following technical assessments (These two people can be the same MCPs who have passed the preceding tests, or any other two employees.):

    Exchange Advanced Workload Technical Assessment

    Exchange Online Technical Assessment



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