New Series: Spotlight on Partner Opportunity with Archiving

We received a lot of fantastic feedback (via this blog and face-to-face at events like WPC and Partner MS101) about what kinds of resources would be most useful for you as you build and grow your businesses with Exchange. One of the common themes of late has been “yeah, I get you want us to invest in the advanced workloads of Exchange, but show me what success looks like!”

That was a really good piece of feedback, and the team and I spent some time on how to best deliver such a “partner success story” case study.  So here goes: starting today, we are launching a new series on the blog called “Spotlight on Partner Opportunity”.

We hope this will help shed some light on how others in Exchange ecosystem are capitalizing on a range of partner opportunities Exchange can afford your business, and how things like our very, very, very (super), very soon to be launched Gold Messaging competency will enable you to get trained up and noticed for your competency and capability to deliver on the “more than messaging” benefits of Exchange Server and Exchange Online.

Okay, so here’s the very first one for you and please keep the feedback coming!!


Spotlight on Partner Opportunity with Archiving

UK_DimensionData_Greenwald3 (2)Exchange offers your business more opportunities to provide services beyond email infrastructure upgrades or migrations. Thanks to the advanced capabilities we’ve delivered in Exchange 2010 (such as email archiving and discovery, security and voicemail) you have the opportunity to build specialized, high value practices which should equate to more services revenues that go above and beyond traditional email server deployment and configuration.

We continue to see momentous customer demand for Exchange 2010 in the marketplace. And, this demand only grows stronger if we take into account a thought provoking figure from our research findings: 81% of organizations worldwide do not have an adequate archiving solution today. This means there’s plenty of green field opportunity for you to position, consult and deploy email archiving capabilities in Exchange 2010.

Partners like Dimension Data recognize this customer demand and are taking advantage of these additional services opportunities:

“Dimension Data has seen strong and steady adoption of Exchange 2010 across all sectors since its release. The new features in Exchange 2010 are greatly compelling for our clients. Interestingly enough, the new native archiving functionality has been a great conversation starter for us. Most all of our clients have  some level of archiving requirement making this is top of mind for them. In fact we see an increasing number of our clients making the choice to upgrade now specifically because of the new archiving capabilities offered in the [Exchange] 2010 release, and expect to see more as time goes by.”

- Anne Greenwald, Global Business Development Director
Microsoft Solutions at Dimension Data

Delivering email archiving requires specialization that leads to higher-touch customer engagements with the opportunity for more services dollars for your organization. And it’s a win for customers, too, who can meet their archiving needs with Exchange 2010 and avoid paying for third party solutions.

So what’s next?

  • Upsell your customers on the email archiving capabilities in Exchange 2010. Remember there’s low hanging fruit considering 81% of organizations are without an adequate archiving solution today.
  • Enroll in the Gold Messaging competency, launching just next week, and demonstrate your advanced expertise to your current and prospective Exchange customers. We have designed the Silver Messaging competency to highlight your capabilities around deploying and configuring a traditional messaging environment, and the Gold Messaging competency recognizes your investment and specialization in delivering email archiving (in addition to security and voicemail and your ability to help customers with their journeys to the cloud).

Group Product Manager
Exchange Partner Marketing

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