Messaging Competency Update: We’re Getting Close!

What a week for the blog, eh?

It’s a blog post three-peat week for me!

I must admit, I do feel a bit like my beloved Seattle Sounders FC (our local Major League Soccer franchise), who just a few weeks back won their third Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in a row (a three-peat feat that had not been witnessed since the 1967-69 Greek American AA last snatched the silverware hat trick).

Okay, that may have been a longwinded and deliberate way of mentioning my Sounders in an Exchange partner community facing blog, but it worked, though, right?

Nevertheless…on to business!

I’m not sure you noticed this or not, but we’re all over the Microsoft Partner Network’s portal’s homepage this week:


More specifically, our two recent UC Partner of the Year award winners (InfoWAN and Polycom) are featured on the main stage as part of our ramp to next week’s official launch of our two new competencies: Messaging (for Exchange partners) and Communications (for Lync partners).  And, as you’ve likely gathered the current Unified Communications competency (known around these parts as the UC competency) is set to retire at the same time.

imageNow, I’m not just sharing this with you because we’re impressed with our own graphic design, but that we also have a new (and pretty neat) page for you to learn the latest about how these two new competencies will help you “Broaden your business portfolio and meet customer demand.”

You can check that out by visiting:

As you’ll learn by clicking on the aforementioned link, we are extremely bullish that the new Messaging competency will give you a competitive advantage through such benefits as access to Exchange training resources, even more Internal Use Rights for Exchange Server 2010, exclusive access to compete resources, and much more. 

Doing the math here, we also believe this means you’ll experience increased opportunities with shorten sales cycles thanks to the brand, resources and support you’ll gain after attaining the Messaging competency.


There’s more!

Even though the Messaging competency isn’t live just yet, there’s a really good call to action for you.

It’s simple: just read up on the changes that are coming through this great “Evolution of the UC Competency” guide the team has put together.

It’s a good read and something that will keep you busy until my next post. Well, at least it will get you ready for next week’s launch.

I can’t wait, can you?

Group Product Manager
Exchange Partner Marketing

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