#ExchangePartner: The Latest Trend in the Exchange Partner Ecosystem

Hashtags, as defined by our friends in the Twitterverse, are “used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet.”

Others, like hashtags.org, add that hashtags “are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets.”

imageI like to think of them as mini-communities within the massive universe of Twitter updates and followers of these 140 character commentary from real people (well, mostly) sharing their real-world experiences, in (most cases) real-time.

Now, I know I don’t need to explain Twitter to all of you.

Instead, I would like to share that we (your humble Exchange partner marketing team here in Redmond) have established a new hashtag to help us, collectively, build out our Exchange partner ecosystem community on Twitter.

Called, simply enough, #ExchangePartner, this new tag will enable all of us who are building our businesses on Exchange share and stay connected.

While we’ve already started priming the pump with the contests we stood up for this year’s WPC, our goal is to keep this hashtag a humming all year long following this week’s event in L.A.

So, here’s what I encourage all of you to do is:

  1. Start Tweeting!
  2. Include the #ExchangePartner has tag in your Exchange related Tweets
  3. Create a search or follow the #ExchangePartner hashtag in your favorite Twitter client(s), like I have done in both TweetDeck on my laptop and Seesmic on my Windows Phone 7
  4. Benefit from the sage advice and random musings from your fellow Exchange ecosystem members

It’s that easy!

Heck, why not give it a shot at WPC this week?

I’m going to be watching the trends and really look forward to seeing what all of you have to share.

And, if you are a fan of Lync (like I am) there’s also a new hashtag for the Lync partner community called (no surprise) #LyncPartner.

Ian (from 37,000 ft en route to L.A.)
Group Product Manager
Exchange Partner Marketing

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