VIDEO: Hey, Exchange Partners, Show Me How You Built Your Business

A few months ago, I read a great article by Wired magazine’s editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson, about how video is the next (or, perhaps, the current) big engine to share ideas and fuel innovation versus other mediums like the written word. This article really resonated with me, including the examples Anderson cited from past TED events. With video being king (i.e., “show me, just don’t tell me”), we certainly had a great motivator behind our Exchange partner video series launched back in March.

With all of that, I’m excited to share links to the newest editions to this series featuring great Exchange partners telling their story behind their Exchange practices.

First up, is Matt McGillen of PointBridge.  He heads up the Unified Communications practice for this Chicago-based systems integrator.  Matt’s also--like your humble blogger--a fan of the MLS where he follows the Chicago Fire.  Okay, back to the important stuff (at least as it pertains to Exchange), and hear from Matt about how PointBridge is “expanding into cloud services with Exchange Online, and how they’re beating Google bids with the power of customer choice across on-premises, online, and hybrid deployments”:

Our second new video features two heavy hitters from the South African-based Dimension Data, Anne Greenwald and Brian Walshe. Here you’ll have the chance to hear them “describe the opportunities in migrating customers from GroupWise and Notes, delivering Exchange advanced workloads—including archiving and voicemail—and selling the broader suite of Microsoft productivity solutions”:

And, as an added bonus, these videos are currently in heavy rotation on the Microsoft Partner Network homepage at


Following this “premiere” on the big stage, we’ll be adding them into the normal rotation on our Exchange page on the MPN portal.

As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts and stay tune for more great stuff in the coming weeks!

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Exchange Partner Marketing

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