Windows 7 on my laptop

I could not resist… so I installed the PDC build of Windows 7 Enterprise x64 on my laptop 🙂


Just in case, I first realized a computer backup on a USB HDD of my Windows Vista which created a 75GB VHD I can use to totally restore my system if needed.

The installation took about 20 minutes from a DVD on my Lenovo T61p and I was quickly able to begin the real stuff !

First good thing, I only had to pick from the Lenovo web site install the drivers for the several Ricoh card readers… Network adapter, NVidia and all other devices were recognized and installed with built-in drivers. I just ran a Windows Update to keep those drivers up to date…

So far, I didn’t install any other driver…


I then began to install required Corporate applications (anti-virus, RAS stuff, …) and just after Microsoft Office and all the “administrative” applications I daily use.

I was able to mount the VHD (See my previous post) created under Windows Vista and retrieve all my data quickly.


Well… after a full day of use, Windows 7 and every applications run fine !

I’m quite confident in the behavior of this release but still looking forward new builds…


~ Guillaume

Be kind to remember that Windows 7 is still a BETA and some features described here as well as screen shots are subject to change in later versions until and to the RTM.

Again, the development of an operating system being quite complex, some of the aspects presented here may have not been tested deeply to ensure the consistance of the whole system and may be altered in the future and thus not reflect this current post content.

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