Windows 7, my quick review

Yeah, I’ve got a build…

So just after the installation, I had a quick look at what changed the most from Windows Vista.

Be kind to remember that Windows 7 is still a BETA and some features described here as well as screen shots are subject to change in later versions until and to the RTM.

Again, the development of an operating system being quite complex, some of the aspects presented here may have not been tested deeply to ensure the consistance of the whole system and may be altered in the future and thus not reflect this current post content.



  • There is now a mandatory 200MB partition (not reachable through Windows Explorer) which hosts the BCD (Boot Data Configuration). The machine is then ready for BitLocker with a smaller partition to store the boot mechanism.



  • You can now create or attach a VHD from the Disk Manager :


Windows Backup

  • You can now select easily a network share as a backup location

  • You can now select what you want to include in your backup (files and/or folders)


Windows Explorer

  • You have now a new type of folders called libraries used to organize types of files



  • You can create a recovery disc that embed some tools used for recovery or restore the system

  • PowerShell v2 is already installed, including an editor


Until now, I appreciated what I saw… so, why not install it on my laptop ?

~ Guillaume

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I could not resist… so I installed the PDC build of Windows 7 Enterprise x64 on my laptop 🙂 Just in

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