Before I forget… Hyper-V is here !

Have you realized that Hyper-V has been released to manufacturing ? And nearly one month before what was expected ?

I use it for a while now and I can say that this product is very reliable and all my demos and reproduction environments run on it.

It was not in my primary loved technologies, you already understood that I'm kind in deployment, but virtualization will have a great impact on my job and that's really exiting and very interesting when you deep inside !

Here are some links that has been recently posted and will make you gain some time :

Jose Barreto's links selection

Hyper-V: It’s here


Microsoft Raises Its Game Against VMWare

Microsoft Hyper-V + QLogic HBAs = Performance Powered by Hyper-V

Last but not least : the deployment aspect from Michael Niehaus


Yes, it's here !

~ Guillaume

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