Security Filtering, WMI Filtering, and Item-level Targeting in Group Policy Preferences

Hi, I’m Florian, one of the Group Policy MVPs . You may know us MVPs from conferences, seminars, books, Newsgroups and Forums where we voluntarily provide help and guidance to Group Policy and its associated products. Today, I’d like to write about a feature in Group Policy Preferences you could find useful. Guidance tells us…


Group Policy Preferences Not Applying on Some Clients: Client-Side Extension, XMLLite

Group Policy Preferences quick tip: To ensure that preferences are applied to clients, make sure that clients have the CSEs and XMLLite installed If you’re like us, you’re seriously excited about Group Policy Preferences. You’re excited because you can’t wait to save yourself scripting time, and to use the rich administration UI and item-level targeting…


Search GPO : How to find a Group Policy Object

It’s interesting what you can discover when you right-click on something. For example, in the Group Policy Management Console (the GPMC) you can right-click on a domain and select “Search”, and a this amazing tool presents itself. This handy search tool is available with Windows Server 2003+ (if you have the GPMC, you have Search)….


Group Policy Troubleshooting – helpful Event log categories

As many of you know Group Policy troubleshooting can be a bit of a challenge. If you have not made use of the Group Policy operational logs that were introduced in Windows Vista, you are missing out on an extremely handy troubleshooting tool. On any Vista or newer system, open the event viewer (eventvwr from…


Do I need to update my server to support new policies? When do I need to separate policies?

I just blogged about this very question over on my blog. Essentially the question we hear a lot is do I need to update Schema/Active Directory/Servers/functional modes etc to support a new client OS version. I wont revisit that Sometimes theres a need to separate policies for specific OS functions but not to “update” them….


Drive Mappings in Logon Scripts not working correctly

Awhile ago we had a customer call come in. The customer had a major problem in Windows Server 2008. When they tried to map drives through a script it didnt work. The customer had initially applied a Login script as a start up script and then changed the GPO settings to a login script under User…


Advanced Group Policy Management 3.0 RTM’s!

As noted on the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) blog announcing the latest MDOP release, AGPM 3.0 has RTM’d. For those customers licensed for MDOP, this means you’ll have it in your hands around the first week of October 2008 via the MVLS site. New features in AGPM 3.0 are:   New feature Description Full x64…


Wunderbar! Perfetto! Maravilloso! Prachtig!

Molto faboloso!  As of this morning, the Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) pack is available for download in the following languages, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Language Code X86 X64 Chinese – Hong-Kong zh-HK Chinese – Hong Kong SAR Chinese – Hong Kong SAR Chinese – Simplified zh-CN Chinese – China Chinese -…


Announcing Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista SP1

Now available, Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) is the collection of Windows Server management tools provided to enable IT professionals to manage their Windows Server infrastructure from their computers running Windows Vista with Service Pack 1. RSAT is available as a separate download rather than as part of another product.   Install RSAT from the…