How to Install GPMC on Server 2008, 2008 R2, and Windows 7 (via RSAT)

Happy Holidays!   This is the Group Policy present you’ve been asking for : a step by step video of how to install the GPMC using a GUI or a commandline from Jeremy Moskowitz, one of our fantastic MVPs! Jeremy also walks you through how to install the GPMC (Group Policy Management Console) using RSAT…

Cool Articles: Group Policy Modeling, Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 functionality

I just read a couple of great articles written in the past couple months about Group Policy. Ever wondered which policy is going to ‘win’ on a client with overlapping settings from different GPOs? Want to know more about Starter GPO’s or Preferences? Read on…   The first one walks through how to diagnose hierarchy issues…


GP Preferences: Add a new printer, set as default

You might know GP Preferences is great for mapping drives, pushing out shortcuts, and adding new folders. But did you know that you can use GP Preferences to add a printer and set it as default? Check it out: Here’s the Devices and Printers inventory on my Windows 7 Client machine: one shared Canon printer….


Group Policy on TechNet Edge

Watch Michael Kleef and I talk about what’s new in Group Policy in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 on TechNet Edge. We’re on the front page today! Go here: to check it out. The video’s a bit long (18 minutes) but it talks about some examples of using the PowreShell cmdlets and…


PowerShell Script: Backup all GPOs that have been modified this month

The scene: Backups take up space, but they’re a crucial part of GPO management. Ideally, one would do regular backups (monthly? weekly? your call) but only of the GPOs that have changed. This script will do that for you and print out a nice settings report of each GPO as it’s being backed up. The…


Search GPO : How to find a Group Policy Object

It’s interesting what you can discover when you right-click on something. For example, in the Group Policy Management Console (the GPMC) you can right-click on a domain and select “Search”, and a this amazing tool presents itself. This handy search tool is available with Windows Server 2003+ (if you have the GPMC, you have Search)….


Group Policy Troubleshooting – helpful Event log categories

As many of you know Group Policy troubleshooting can be a bit of a challenge. If you have not made use of the Group Policy operational logs that were introduced in Windows Vista, you are missing out on an extremely handy troubleshooting tool. On any Vista or newer system, open the event viewer (eventvwr from…


Group Policy Cmdlets, Replication & the ‘-Server’ Parameter

Hello GP Junkies! My name is Bryan Garretson, and I want to let you know about an interesting way we were able to leverage the new PowerShell cmdlets available in Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7: to anticipate and test around replication delays in certain configurations.   When we were testing RODC read ops, we…


PowerShell Script with GP cmdlets: Registry setting, Link

 The following is a sample script that sets a Preference registry value in a GPO, then compares that same value to all of the GPO’s linked in the same domain. If the value is not already set in a linked GPO, the new GPO is linked to that domain as well. You can copy and paste…