Group Policy Videos

We’ve got two new videos for you! The TechNet guys dropped by to ask Lilia some questions (always a good idea, in my opinion), and in return she dropped some knowledge. – Did you know about the search dialogue box in the Group Policy Management Console?! – Using GPLogView to troubleshoot. A great companion to…


Troubleshooting: Quick Fixes

  Everyone has their own troubleshooting quick checks; here are some that you may know well, and others you haven’t tried yet.   Logon/Logoff    Some policies applied only after the second logon, not after the first logon. What’s the deal?  Anything that is set to run synchronously won’t run until after the second logon….


Extending Group Policy Preferences

The Group Policy preference extension is designed to allow developers to extend the Application preference item. For those applications that are currently unsupported by Group Policy preferences, you can create your own property sheet extension for the Application preference item. And we have added some instructions for how to do this in MSDN. For more…


New! Windows PowerShell Help on TechNet

I know there’s a lot of interest around Windows PowerShell. Here’s some information you might be interested in as a Group Policy Administrator: A TechNet magazine article entitled, “Simplify Group Policy Administration with Windows PowerShell” by Thorbjörn Sjövold was published this past May. If you missed it you can read it here, SDM Software…


Comparing ADMX files

Moving to an XML-based file format makes comparing custom files easy. I’m going to describe how to use XML Notepad 2007 to do just that! I’ll use the example1_singlepolicysetting.admx to demonstrate comparing two ADMX files. You can download this file from the Group Policy Sample ADXM files ( For the comparison, I will make a simple…


Group Policy Diagnostic Best Practice Analyzer is now available for download

Have you ever wished for a tool to help you identify Group Policy configuration problems…even those that, at first glance, might not seem to be related to Group Policy? How about a tool that can warn you if your Group Policy configuration might pose a security risk?   The Group Policy Diagnostic Best Practice Analyzer…


GP Technet home page receives facelift and new settings reference released!

Hey Group Policy gurus, On Friday May 4th, the Group Policy team removed the curtain off the new Group Policy home page. The new home page, found at, has various Group Policy resources, which span across multiple version of Windows.  So, check it out and fill our heads with great praise. But, be sure…


GPLogView Source Project

The Group Policy team is happy to it has released the source code for the GPLogView utility. The Group Policy Log view tool  reports of all events for a particular policy processing cycle. It supports output formats of XML, HTML, and text and as the ability to parse exported logs from remote computers. Also, GPLogView provides a monitoring mode so…


Installing Office 2007 using Group Policy Software Installation

Hey Group Policy Advocates!   The Office team published a great “how to” on installing Office 2007 using Group Policy. The Office 2007 Resource Kit includes this documentation. You can view it online at the Microsoft TechNet site.   Here’s a direct link   Mike Stephens, Technical Writer, Group Policy