GP Editorial: Group Policy Best Practices

Lots of people ask the Group Policy Team: What are the best settings to configure? What is the most secure GPO we can deploy? I’ve been talking about this a lot with the Group Policy customer support folks, and the topic resulted in the following editorial. We try to provide guidance with this blog, videos…


Cool Articles: Group Policy Modeling, Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 functionality

I just read a couple of great articles written in the past couple months about Group Policy. Ever wondered which policy is going to ‘win’ on a client with overlapping settings from different GPOs? Want to know more about Starter GPO’s or Preferences? Read on…   The first one walks through how to diagnose hierarchy issues…


Starter GPO’s : What are they?

Starter GPO’s were introduced in Windows Server 2008 as a download and return in Windows Server 2008 R2 in box + more comments in the report.  Jakob H. Heidelberg, a Group Policy MVP, wrote this post on Starter GPO’s. His blog features the same post here. LiliaG, Group Policy PM