More on searching group policy

Here’s a quick follow-up to our last post on the existence of GPO search. One of our MVPs, Alan, has a great post up about a Group Policy Search webapp (Previously mentioned on this blog). It includes instructions on how to install a Windows Search connector – so you can use this search right from…


Group Policy & Scripting

Hey, Scripting Guy! has a great series of posts around Group Policy & scripting: Using group policy cmdlets for backup and restore Test AD replication with group policy cmdlets How to compare 2 GPOs offline (Part II)


Microsoft Management Summit 2009

I just got back from another great MMS in Las Vegas and I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth, attended the Group Policy-related sessions, and asked great questions about Group Policy and AGPM (thanks to Chris for Tweeting about it!). I’m so glad to see that more and more people are using…


Drive Mappings in Logon Scripts not working correctly

Awhile ago we had a customer call come in. The customer had a major problem in Windows Server 2008. When they tried to map drives through a script it didnt work. The customer had initially applied a Login script as a start up script and then changed the GPO settings to a login script under User…


Understanding the domain-based GPO version number (GPMC script included)

In a previous blog post I looked at understanding the raw GPO version number. The example I gave in that article was the version number associated with a local Group Policy object (GPO). Now, let’s look at the version number associated with a domain-based GPO. Essentially, the raw version number for a domain-based GPO works exactly…


New! Windows PowerShell Help on TechNet

I know there’s a lot of interest around Windows PowerShell. Here’s some information you might be interested in as a Group Policy Administrator: A TechNet magazine article entitled, “Simplify Group Policy Administration with Windows PowerShell” by Thorbjörn Sjövold was published this past May. If you missed it you can read it here, SDM Software…


Group Policy Management Console Sample Scripts

The Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) provides a comprehensive set of COM interfaces that you can use to script many of the operations supported by the console. This download contains a set of sample scripts that make use of these interfaces. These sample scripts can be used with the Windows Server 2008, Vista and earlier…