How to add comment for a GPO with PowerShell

You might have seen GP MVP Jeremy Moskowitz’s post on how to recycle GPO comments. While Jeremy points out you can do this without a script…. You can also do it with a script! Our tech writer, Judith, walks us through the process:   After I import the Group Policy module in PowerShell, I have…


Listing all GPOs in the current forest

This post was written by Judith, a technical writer for Group Policy. This is the second post in a series on ways to use Powershell with Group Policy. See the first post on getting started with RSAT and Group Policy Let’s say I have a forest and I’d like to document a listing of all…


RSAT & GP Cmdlets

This post was written by Judith, a technical writer for Group Policy. This will be the first post in a series on ways to use Powershell with Group Policy I wanted to play around with the Group Policy cmdlets. These are installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 automatically when Group Policy is installed. But what…


Get GPO Backup with Powershell

Jeff Hicks, one of Microsoft’s Powershell MVPs, has written a great script for managing GPO backups: The GroupPolicy module from Microsoft offers a great deal of functionality from a command line. In terms of regular maintenance or administration it is pretty hard to beat, especially if you have 100s or 1000s of GPOs. When you…


Copy and Merge GPOs through Powershell

Ashley McGlone has a great script up for merging GPOs together through powershell. I wish I had this script five years ago. At the time I was searching for a way to combine or merge GPOs, but there simply wasn’t a way to do it. And today there still isn’t a way to do it……


More on searching group policy

Here’s a quick follow-up to our last post on the existence of GPO search. One of our MVPs, Alan, has a great post up about a Group Policy Search webapp (Previously mentioned on this blog). It includes instructions on how to install a Windows Search connector – so you can use this search right from…


More powershell & group policy

I do not know about you but I LOVE PowerShell, especially the Group Policy cmdlets. Unfortunately, I didn’t have too many opportunities to really use them – but luckily got a chance in preparation for a presentation where I would demo a script that Lindsay (from our dev team) put together. This script allows you…


Group Policy & Scripting

Hey, Scripting Guy! has a great series of posts around Group Policy & scripting: Using group policy cmdlets for backup and restore Test AD replication with group policy cmdlets How to compare 2 GPOs offline (Part II)


How long does this script / WMI Filter take?

I was reading GP MVP Darren Mar-Elia’s forum about WMI Filters and discovered a sweet PowerShell trick from another awesome friend of the GP team, Thorbjörn Sjövold (CTO of Specops Software) You can use the PowerShell cmdlet “measure-command” to measure the time it takes to run script blocks and cmdlets – this includes WMI filters!…


Cool Articles: Group Policy Modeling, Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 functionality

I just read a couple of great articles written in the past couple months about Group Policy. Ever wondered which policy is going to ‘win’ on a client with overlapping settings from different GPOs? Want to know more about Starter GPO’s or Preferences? Read on…   The first one walks through how to diagnose hierarchy issues…