Do I need to update my server to support new policies? When do I need to separate policies?

I just blogged about this very question over on my blog. Essentially the question we hear a lot is do I need to update Schema/Active Directory/Servers/functional modes etc to support a new client OS version. I wont revisit that Sometimes theres a need to separate policies for specific OS functions but not to “update” them….


Restoring Default Domain Policies and SYSVOL to their defaults

We have stated a number of times through a number of forums that its not a great practice to muck around with the Default Domain Policy and the Default Domain Controllers Policy. In fact its actually a really bad practice…same goes with the SYSVOL. Just dont screw around with it. We recommend if you want…


Understanding the domain-based GPO version number (GPMC script included)

In a previous blog post I looked at understanding the raw GPO version number. The example I gave in that article was the version number associated with a local Group Policy object (GPO). Now, let’s look at the version number associated with a domain-based GPO. Essentially, the raw version number for a domain-based GPO works exactly…


Understanding the GPO version number

If you’ve ever poked around to look at the raw GPO version number, you’ve probably wondered why is the number so huge and how does it get displayed as a much smaller value when you view the version number using GPMC. Let’s look at the simplest example which is the version number for the Local…