GP Preferences Will Reduce Logon Scripts : Mapping Drives

Too often, I ask if people are familiar with GP Preferences and get a blank stare. I will say this over and over again:    GP Preferences will dramatically reduce your logon scripts  GP Preferences has clean, easy-to-use reporting and UI   Lots of things get accomplished in scripts (mapped drives, set registry keys, managed…


Introduction to Windows PowerShell Cmdlets in Windows 7

New Year, New…console session? Here’s a quick look at creating a new GPO using the Group Policy cmdlets in Windows 7.   To create a new GPO from scratch using PowerShell cmdlets:   1.       Open an elevated PowerShell console session  (1-2 clicks) 2.       Command: Import-Module grouppolicy (typing) 3.       Command: New-GPO “Sales GPO” (typing)  (optional: add…


Group Policy in Windows 7

PowerShell! The name alone should get you excited. Wait until you see all the cool stuff you can do with PowerShell in the Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 release of the Group Policy management tools. For those of you who have yet to learn PowerShell, hopefully this will help motivate you. You will…


Group Policy in Windows Server 2012: Using Remote GPUpdate

Group Policy in Windows Server 2012: Using Remote GPUpdate If someone calls to say their computer doesn’t work quite right, the first thing you might have them do is run gpupdate /force to ensure they have the latest policy applied to their system. Now, you have the power to reach out and force a gpupdate…


PolicyMaker Preferences Migration tool

To keep you in the loop, many of you have asked whether we intend to provide support for PolicyMaker Preferences and migrate to Windows Server 2008’s Group Policy Preferences.   I can confirm we are currently testing a tool that will be able to perform this migration. We are pleased with the quality of the…


Passwords in Group Policy Preferences (updated)

Have you ever wanted to configure a preference item to include a specific user name and password? You can do so in several types of preference items, but you should first consider the security ramifications of embedding a user name and password in a preference item. Are passwords in preference items secure?A password in a…


GP Preferences: Add a new printer, set as default

You might know GP Preferences is great for mapping drives, pushing out shortcuts, and adding new folders. But did you know that you can use GP Preferences to add a printer and set it as default? Check it out: Here’s the Devices and Printers inventory on my Windows 7 Client machine: one shared Canon printer….


Group Policy: Where Do You Want It to Go Tomorrow?

We often have groups of customers come to Redmond to visit and provide their feedback about the direction in which we are taking our products. Recently, a group of folks joined us for a few days to talk specifically about the desktop and its direction as it relates to their corporate environments. The goal was…


PolicyMaker Migration Tool: Resetting release expectations

Some time ago Michael blogged about a migration tool we were building for PolicyMaker Profiles, which was the precursor to what is now Group Policy Preferences. He had set expectations that this was going to be released by the end of the calendar year 2008, depending on test feedback. Unfortunately, and as you’re acutely aware if…


Power Management in Group Policy – What do you do?

Green is the color of the decade, at least for the moment. What can you do from a Group Policy perspective? More than you might think. What do you do to manage power settings with Group Policy? Answer in the comments. Before Al Gore warned about the plight of the polar bear, GP admins could…