AGPM Least Privilege for Child Domain

Michael has covered “least privilege” for AGPM before (the Active Directory team followed up with a bit more detail). However, those scenarios are for single-domains. What if you have a forest where you want to manage all the child domains using AGPM, but you don’t want to just give the AGPM service administrator privileges across…


Tales from the Community – Deleting a registry value

Tales from the Community – Deleting registry values Okay, I’ve seen this question in the Technet Forums that basically goes like this: “Hey I have this reg script that deletes a value off the registry for me. The .reg file does [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ext\someApplication\ShellNew] “FileName”=-   – can I do that with an ADM template? All I…


More on searching group policy

Here’s a quick follow-up to our last post on the existence of GPO search. One of our MVPs, Alan, has a great post up about a Group Policy Search webapp (Previously mentioned on this blog). It includes instructions on how to install a Windows Search connector – so you can use this search right from…


Group Policy Videos

We’ve got two new videos for you! The TechNet guys dropped by to ask Lilia some questions (always a good idea, in my opinion), and in return she dropped some knowledge. – Did you know about the search dialogue box in the Group Policy Management Console?! – Using GPLogView to troubleshoot. A great companion to…


More powershell & group policy

I do not know about you but I LOVE PowerShell, especially the Group Policy cmdlets. Unfortunately, I didn’t have too many opportunities to really use them – but luckily got a chance in preparation for a presentation where I would demo a script that Lindsay (from our dev team) put together. This script allows you…


Group Policy & Scripting

Hey, Scripting Guy! has a great series of posts around Group Policy & scripting: Using group policy cmdlets for backup and restore Test AD replication with group policy cmdlets How to compare 2 GPOs offline (Part II)


Cross post: AskDS Group Policy Search Settings in the cloud

Kapil posted a great article about a new tool created by Stephanus Schulte and Jean-Pierre Regente. It’s an Azure-hosted tool that keyword searches Group Policy settings. Read about it here: Check it out here: Here’s what it looks like in action:   Go forth and discover! @superlilia


Re-post: Darren Mar-Elia’s "Controlling Shares on Windows Systems"

Darren Mar-Elia, aka GPOGuy, wrote a cool post about using Group Policy Preferences to remove unwanted network shares from your environment. Group Policy Preferences can do everything! If you’ve got Windows Server 2008 or above, you’ve already got GP Preferences at your disposal.  Read on : To get more detail on what you need to…


Importing and Exporting with AGPM

Thanks for tuning in this lovely Friday! Time for a glimpse into the advanced side of Group Policy, with Advanced Group Policy Management. This awesome product comes as part of MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack), which you can get easily if you have SA. Read more about it here on TechNet. The following article on…


Scripts I Mentioned

Hey everyone at MMS (or TechReady, or anywhere for that matter)   If you’ve followed my advice and you’re checking the blog, here’s a neat little present for you!  Did someone make 1000 GPO’s with the word ‘test’ in them just to test out some sweet new PowerShell script? Do you want to punch them in…