Group Policy at Tech Ed 2009 keynote: Mark Russinovich demos Group Policy PowerShell cmdlets

During this morning’s keynote at TechEd 2009 in Los Angeles, technical fellow Mark Russinovich demonstrated the Set-GPRegistryValue cmdlet. He points out the power of scripting; a few lines created a GPO, configured a registry value, and linked it to an OU. A few changes would link that same GPO to any number of OUs, domains, etc.

When it's up, I'll post it. Group Policy in the keynote!

[EDITED] Watch it here : 

If that link is troublesome for you, navigate to the 'keynote' talk from here:

Watch it at the 52 minute mark until 56 minutes for the Group Policy - PowerShell bit, where he demos configuring IE8 specific settings using the Set-GPRegistryValue and New-GPLink. He talks about AppLocker beforehand, which is pretty interesting as well. There's a lot of great content in this keynote, I'm glad that Group Policy was included.

LiliaG, Group Policy PM

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to it, but that’s a common thing, you guys really do post some great stuff.

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