PolicyMaker Migration Tool: Resetting release expectations

Some time ago Michael blogged about a migration tool we were building for PolicyMaker Profiles, which was the precursor to what is now Group Policy Preferences. He had set expectations that this was going to be released by the end of the calendar year 2008, depending on test feedback. Unfortunately, and as you're acutely aware if you're affected by this, this didnt occur to plan. We have seen quite a few comments recently on this topic and wanted to respond with more information.

The good news is that we believe we have addressed the issue that prevented the release and plan to be able to release this shortly. We will be in touch again once we have a more solid ETA to deliver.

Our apologies for the delay.

Mark Gray, Program Manager


Comments (9)
  1. 30000WkstnsStillWaitingOnPMSEMigrationTool says:

    The PMSE customers that you acquired when you bought out DesktopStandard are still waiting patiently for the release of a PMSE-2-GPP migration tool.

    After this much time, a weekly status update would be greatly appreciated.

  2. STILLwaitingONpmseMIGRATIONtool says:

    Please, is there an update on this tool?  We are desperately waiting on this.

  3. jrv says:

    A month later…still no migration tool, still no ETA.  I’ve started the painful process of migrating my PM settings manually, because I don’t think the tool is really ever going to materialize.  Even if it does, I’m tired of having this block progress.

  4. CantMovetoGPPwithoutaMigrationTool says:

    Yet another month has passed and your PMSE-locked customers are still waiting.

    Please, has the PMSE migration tool been forgotten?  What is the ETA?

  5. StillWaiting! says:

    Another two months have passed since you stated that the PMSE migration tool would be released "shortly".    What has happened in that time?

    Summer months provide a window for upgrades and conversions.  Will the tool be available this summer?

  6. RelyingonPolicyMaker says:

    So… what does "shortly" mean?

  7. GPP User says:

    Any further updates on this?  Don’t want to recreat all those GPO’s with GPP versions.

  8. B. Haan says:

    What is the status of the PMSE migration tool release?

  9. P. Cervana says:

    The tool does not work.  I tried running it on two platforms (Windows 2008 server as well as a Vista machine) and as soon as you launch the tool, I get a "Group Policy Preference Migration Tool has stopped working" box.

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