Group Policy Preferences: Deploy Printer Settings

We received an email from Daniel today. He’s done a great blog post on how to use Group Policy Preferences to deploy printer settings to workstations. I'm sure Lilia is with me on this though: we can think of plenty more reasons than just one to use GP Preferences 🙂

The pain of manual configuration or messy scripts to deploy printers is no more…its now as easy as pie with Group Policy Preferences.

Michael Kleef, Program Manager

Comments (3)

  1. Clay Moore says:

    You can also deploy TCP/IP printers to workstations using Group Policy Preferences.

  2. RK says:

    Question: if you don’t bother with the loopback processing, just push the printers via GPP on the computer side and let the user select their default, will it keep their default on next login? Thanks!

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