‘Tis the Season to read about Group Policy

For those of you gearing up for a new year of administering Group Policy, here's some links to articles and blogs that cover different aspects of Group Policy. Some of these blogs do not have Group Policy as the main focus, but Group Policy touches on so many areas these blogs give different viewpoints for Group Policy administration.

  • There are three new articles from our MVPs on different aspects of Group Policy in the January issue of TechNet Magazine. Jeremy Moskowitz has an article discussing ADM and ADMX formats. Darren Mar-Elia has an article discussing optimizing Group Policy performance. Derek Melber has an article on AGPM.
  • The Ask the Directory Services Team blog includes articles on Group Policy since Group Policy stores part of the information in the Active Directory. Check out Mike Stephens' two articles on using GPRESULT.EXE and Group Policy preferences.
  • Darren Mar-Elia, the GPO guy, has moved his Group Policy Blog to the SDM Software site, http://www.sdmsoftware.com/blog/.
  • Jeremy Moskowitz, GP answers, has a blog post on installing Microsoft Application Virtualization (Softgrid) using Group Policy. You can check out his article at http://www.gpanswers.com/blog/.
  • The blogs on the TechRepublic web site have a number of blog entries from different writers about Group Policy. A search for Group Policy object (GPO) turned up 50 different posts.

This is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to add to the comments section any blogs or articles posted during this month or (soon-to-be) January, 2008.

Judith Herman, GP Programming Writer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The third article from Jakob H. Heidelberg about Group Policy changes in Windows Server 2008 – this particular one is about Group Policy Preferences (new article on same technology will be public in January 2008).

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