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Hi all...

I know this is way off topic but thought, in the spirit of blogging, this may have some relevance for some readers.

In my work I am often writting up ideas, trying to elaborate on a thought on paper where images are critical and <ALT-print scrn> doesn't quite cut it. I have in the past used an awesome utilitarian product called Snag-it but don't have it now and it is often times way more than I need. I also am a big fan of One Note, which has a screen capture funtion which is great. But I found something new yesterday. Actually one of our product designers brought it to my attention.

It is a little utility built into Windows Vista called Snipping Tool (All ProgramsAccessoriesSnipping Tool). and it is way... simple. After you take the screen shot you have a pen, a highlighter and an eraser... nothing fancy for those you you who are writting documentation but great for getting a quick capture off the screen.

It's really easy to use

  1. Launch the tool. (after first run you can just have it hanging out in your QuickLaunch bar)
  2. Drag across a region of the screen
  3. edit the screen capture
  4. and save or past into something you are working on

Simple is good... and some of the not so obvious tools in Windows Vista are awesome...

Thought I'd share,


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  1. GPTeam says:

    Good suggestion.

    Another option is CaptureWizPro, which I have been using very happily for approximately one year. You can capture an area of the screen, an area you define, video, audio, scrolling Web pages, and more. Great tool.


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