TechEd 2007

I know, TechEd 2007, wasn't it like a year ago? OK only a few weeks ago but I should have gotten this posted sooner. I unfortunately wasn't able to attend this year but have heard it was *awesome*. The Group Policy team was very well represented we had quite a few Developers, Tecnical content owners, designers, usabiltiy researchers, test engineers, product managers, and more. t was fanstastic. Just some highlights

  1. Presentations
    1. Advanced Group Policy Management - Great session on how AGPM provides rich change control right on top of the GPMC, this is a hugely popular and valuable part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
    2. Group Policy in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 - Originally our presenter was going to be the infamous Mark Williams. Mark was way dissapointed that he had to cancel his trip at the last minute. I know that he really loves TechEd and the interaction he can get with all of the attendees... if I were you I would expect to see him next year. Our development manager, Mazhar Mohammed stepped up and covered the content at the last minute. He was joined by Derek Melber and they co-presented the session. It went great and the combination of their styles I hear made for a fanstastic couple of sessions.
    3. Usability Researchers and Designers help impromptu focus groups. These allowed us to gather a lot of great feedback and begin to incorporate that feedback into our future planning
    4. Chalk-Talk on ADMX - I got to sit through a preview of this and it looked awesome. Judith Herman, I am sure, had the croud eating out of her hands... Is there anything more exciting that ADMX? Seriously, is there? I don't think so...
  2. Partying into the wee hours...
    1. Well if you've been to Teched you probably know how that goes. Walk around, stand, listen to presentations, visit vendor booths, talk to the experts for 8 hours and then proceed to the nearest watering hole and stand for the rest of the night
    2. Seriously though, the opportunity to mingle with those of you who are out there using the technolgy every day is invaluable, and fun!
  3. Hand on labs
  4. Demos at the Microsoft booth
  5. Partners - I have always loved the expo hall, seeing what partners are doing out there it is fantastic, a bit overwhelming, but lots of fun. And I can always find cheap gifts for my kids when I trick-r-treat through the expo hall!
    1. There are so many partners that party on Group Policy... we love them all.
    2. MVPs we out and about evangelizing Group Policy, showing folks what they can do with it and what cool things they (the MVPs) have built to help along the way
    3. ISV partners that focus on manageabiltiy and making the lives of the ITPro easier

We are super excited about what we have delivered in Windows Vista and what we are delivering in Windows Server 2008. And the feedback tells us our excitement is justified.

Keep up the great feedback, we really are listening!


Kevin Sullivan
Lead Program Manager
Group Policy



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  1. GPTeam says:

    I worked at TechEd again this year (12-hour days editing and updating CommNet), but managed to squeeze in some sessions. I attended Dan Harman’s "survey" session of "management technologies in the Windows Server 2008 timeframe," which included Server Manager, Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services, Windows Eventing, Windows PowerShell, and Group Policy.

    The 450 or so people at this 8:30 A.M. session were notably logy, but I did observe plenty of "That looks cool! I want that!" looks on faces when Advanced Group Policy Management was covered and demonstrated. Looking good!

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