The Two Sides of Group Policy Script Extension Processing

Have you ever deployed a script using Group Policy and wondered why it didn’t run? The Group Policy team has published a series of articles to address this question.


Part 1 shows you how to go about discovering the reason, focusing on how to determine if Group Policy scripts client-side extension (CSE) processed the scripts extension correctly.


Part 2 delves deeper into resolving this issue by extending our Group Policy scripts knowledge past the point where Group Policy processes the client-side extension. In this part we will answer two questions: Why didn’t the script run when it should have, and why didn’t Group Policy report this to me?


The direct links for these two articles are:

Part 1 -


Part 2 -


For all Group Policy scriptcenter information the full link is:

And stay tuned for Part 3 – The Vista Saga.

Judith Herman, Programming Writer, Group Policy

Comments (1)

  1. ShaneC33 says:

    So when is the Part 3 – The Vista Saga going to be published? 🙂

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