Installing Office 2007 using Group Policy Software Installation

Hey Group Policy Advocates!


The Office team published a great “how to” on installing Office 2007 using Group Policy. The Office 2007 Resource Kit includes this documentation. You can view it online at the Microsoft TechNet site.


Here’s a direct link


Mike Stephens, Technical Writer, Group Policy

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, the hyperlink near the end for how to use a Startup Script for deployment doens’t work.  The ability to deploy a highly customized installation with MSI/MST is gone with 2007 and I’m hoping startup script deployment may be the way out of the madness.

    In our shop we’ll be deploying new machines/images when we roll Vista later this year but we had hoped to deploy Office 2007 before that. However without a truly funcational GP deployment method we may have to wait.  

    What was the Office team thinking when they blew up GP deployment?!!

  2. Gordon Fecyk says:

    After going from a beautiful MST generator in Office 2003 editions, you botch the installation procedure to hell with Office 2007, either forcing us to use Enterprise Edition and still offering limited customization, or forcing us to use SMS.

    Fix your garbage, please.

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