ADM Files available for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows and PowerShell for Windows

Great News. The Group Policy team has published installation packages that distribute ADM files (below) for use with Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1.

Administrative Templates for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows
Download from:

Administrative Template file for PowerShell for Windows.
Download from:


Mike Stephens, Technical Writer, Group Policy

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  1. GeeB says:

    Per my last post, it was in regard to the IE7 ADM template. The configuration node where they are applicable is:

    Computer/User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Internet Explorer>Internet Explorer Control Panel>Security Page> any zone

  2. GeeB says:

    Good to see the ADM out, but it has incorrect names and missing policies:

    Name in template:

    Disable WinFX Runtime Components Setup

    Name in UI (template should be renamed to reflect this):

    Enable .Net Framework setup

    Name in template:

    Loose or un-compiled XAML files

    Name in UI (template should be renamed to reflect this):

    Loose XAML

    Namein template:

    Web Browser Applications

    Name in UI (template should be renamed to reflect this):

    XAML browser applications

    Name in template:

    XPS files

    Name in UI (template should be renamed to reflect this):

    XPS documents

    In addition to the policy name itself, each description needs to be updated accordingly as well.

    Missing policies:

    – Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompt

    – Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Web browser control

    – Allow websites to oen windows without address or status bars

    – Include local directory path when uploading files to a server

    – Launching application and unsafe files

    – Use Phishing filter

    – Allow websites to prompt for information using the scripted windows

  3. The Zone says:


    Trying to find the ADM file for Internet Explorer 8 which could be used on Windows 2003 32-bit Server…

    Can’t seem to find it and have been looking for some time. Can anyone help?


  4. fm says:

    Can’t find one! create 1. search the web for "create custom .adm"



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