Released: Windows Vista Policy Settings Spreadsheet

Whenever we release a service pack or - in this case - a new operating system the FIRST question we on the Group Policy team receive is "OK, that's great but where can I get a list of all the new policy settings". Well, I am pleased to say that we have just released the Group Policy Settings Reference Spreadsheet for Windows Vista. As has been our approach with the spreadsheet earlier versions, it includes all policy settings ever released plus the new ones (in this case, those new policy settings delivered as part of Windows Vista).

We've taken the spreadsheet still further this time around. As well as the regular list of details about each policy setting (name, explain text, registry key, etc) you will also find three new columns:

  • Reboot Required: A "Yes" in this column means Windows requires a restart before it applies the described policy setting.
  • Logoff Required: A "Yes" in this column means Windows requires the user to log off and log on again before it applies the described policy setting.
  • Active Directory Schema or Domain Requirements: A "Yes" in this column means you need to extend your Active Directory schema before deploying this policy setting.

Finally, the spreadsheet goes beyond Administrative Templates policy settings and now includes security policy settings too (as implemented by the security extension).

You can find the new spreadsheet here.

Wishing everyone in the US a very Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving...

Mark Williams, Program Manager, Group Policy

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