The Group Policy Blog Lives!

OK, we'd be the first to admit that we took a while to catch on but the Group Policy team has finally caught the wave - we have a blog!! Yes, a tad overdue but we're here now and we hope you'll find this a valuable, informative and enjoyable read.

We've taken a slightly different approach to some others. Instead of having a blog under one individual person's name we're going with the idea of a team blog. So, you won't see  - say - my name show up in a list of blogs on a "blog list" somewhere. You WILL see the Group Policy Blog show up! Hey, as an IT Pro would you click on "Mark Williams' Blog" or "The Group Policy Team Blog"? I think even I'd go for the latter!!!

So, what's the blog for? Simple really. A few of us on the Group Policy team have signed up to blog away here on a regular basis. We'll keep it interesting and fresh and the timing isn't bad anyway with the range of new features we'll be shipping in Windows Vista. By the same token, we'll promise not to focus purely on the next big thing!!! We know that many (and I mean, MANY) of you are very heavily reliant on a solid, effective Group Policy story within your company, whether you run Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 domains. We'll keep it relevant to you too! Anyway, I'm honoured to add the first entry - watch this space for more...


Mark Williams: Program Manager, Group Policy


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  1. Satya says:

    I am wondering if I can find some information on creating Group Policy Client Side Extensions for a custom application. I have been trying to do the same for quite some duratiuon and cant find any relevant examples / sample code. Would u guys be able to provide me with some information on how to create a CSE? A sample code would be greatly appreciated.



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