Group Policy Log View tool posted

We are on a bit of a roll! We have recently released the ADMX Migrator, the Windows Vista version of the Group Police Reference Spreadsheet and the ADM files for IE 7 and Powershell. Next up is a new tool for Windows Vista related to Group Policy events. As you may know, we made significant…


ADM Files available for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows and PowerShell for Windows

Great News. The Group Policy team has published installation packages that distribute ADM files (below) for use with Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1. Administrative Templates for Internet Explorer 7 for WindowsDownload from: Administrative Template file for PowerShell for Windows.Download from: Cheers Mike Stephens, Technical Writer, Group Policy


Windows Defender: Part Two of Two

It has been a while since my last blog. I figure after shipping Windows Vista, a week of vacation, and two winter snowstorms that I should get back to updating the blog. So, lets wrap up the four remaining computer policy settings for Windows Defender. Two of the remaining four policy settings allow you to…


Released: Windows Vista Policy Settings Spreadsheet

Whenever we release a service pack or – in this case – a new operating system the FIRST question we on the Group Policy team receive is “OK, that’s great but where can I get a list of all the new policy settings”. Well, I am pleased to say that we have just released the Group…


Announcing ADMX Migrator

It’s been a great few days here at Microsoft, what with Microsoft Office 2007, Windows Vista and Zune all being released! After a long (loooonnnngg) road, we on the Group Policy team are very excited to see how customers benefit from the fruits of our labors as they deploy Windows Vista. Business customers will start to…


Windows Defender: Part One of Two

Time, once again, to introduce you to new Group Policy settings included with Windows Vista. I’ve set aside this week and next week to write about new Group Policy settings that control Windows Defender. Spyware is software that typically collects user information, changes computer settings, or displays advertisements, like pop-up ads, without consent of the…


Windows Logon Options: Part Two of Two

Blog time again.. Previously, I wrote about two of the policy settings under the computer configuration. Today, I finish writing about the Windows Logon Options policy category by covering the remaining policy setting under the computer configuration and all of the policy settings under the user configuration.   All operating systems based on Windows NT…


Desktop Standard and Microsoft

I’m guessing many Group Policy administrators already know this (it’s been two whole days since this was announced!!) but just in case… The Group Policy team at Microsoft is very excited about the recent announcement of acquisition of Desktop Standard, a successful ISV serving the needs of those involved with Group Policy. We’re in the midst…


Windows Logon Options: Part One of Two

Wow, its already Wednesday; time for another entry. Last week I wrote about the new user profile policy settings for Windows Vista. This week, I want to highlight a couple policy settings included in the Windows Logon Options.   The Windows Logon Options policy settings are located under both the Computer and User ConfigurationsAdministrative TemplatesWindows…


User Profile Policies in Windows Vista

Last week, I introduced explain text and User Account Control policies; which are two new features with Security Policy in Windows Vista. I decided this week to keep it brief (or at least try). This week, I will introduce new policy settings for User Profiles.   Windows Vista made numerous changes with how user profiles…