Groove Server Certification

If you had a chance to look at J. Peter Abruzze’s blog entry on Groove Server and Enterprise Services (Getting into the Groove, Part 1: Outsource or in-house?), you might be interested in digging a little deeper into learning about Groove.  You can start with the material on, but there is more technical detail…


Office Groove Server 2007: Audit

Learn about Groove 2007 Auditing We’ve just released a new whitepaper that discusses the Microsoft Office Groove Server 2007 Auditing feature. It provides information about Audit requirements, a description of how the feature works, and guidance about when and how to deploy it.  If your organization is subject to compliance regulations, the ability to audit…


Comparing Groove Server 2007 to Groove Enterprise Services

Are you familiar with Groove Enterprise Services?  Have you ever wondered about the differences between Groove Server 2007 and Groove Enterprise Services? Wonder no more! You can get a quick snapshot of the differences on this Office Online page or get access to more comprehensive information in the related papers:   This white paper presents…


Groove Server or Groove Services is not one size fits all

Customers often ask me when they should use Microsoft Groove Server 2007 and when they should use Microsoft Groove Enterprise Services.  It isn’t a one size fits all conversation.  You’ve got to consider a few variables: do you have in-house expertise with deploying web servers and other infrastructure?  Do you have special security requirements such…


Security: Microsoft Groove Enterprise Services

We’ve released a new security paper on our TechCenter that covers Groove Enterprise Services.  Nothing like a little security reading to get you all fired up, right?  Its a short paper, only 9 or 10 pages, but if you run Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, Microsoft Office Groove 2007, or Microsoft Office Live Groove, this information is…


Do I need Microsoft Office Groove Server?

There seems to be some confusion about where, when, or even who needs Groove Server 2007.  I’ll try to clarify, with text and pictures.  Let me know if I succeed.   Most readers know that Office Groove 2007 is first and foremost a client application.  The client is mainly available in three configurations: Office Live Groove, Office…


Free Groove Fundamentals and Infrastructure Training at TechEd

Spread the word! TechEd attendees are invited to attend Groove 2007 Fundamentals & Infrastructure Training.  This full day “hands on” training will take place on Sunday, June 3rd in Orlando at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel ( Its absolutely free, and you are guarenteed to learn something new about Groove! Register now for this unique opportunity…


Groove at TechEd 2007

Hey kids, I’m going to Disney!  I just booked my tickets for TechEd 2007 in Orlando.  Sure, Orlando in June isn’t exactly a vacation destination, but if you come by the Groove sessions, we’ll give you something to write home about! Here is a sneak peek at the sessions that will help you Get in the…


What you need to know about Groove Server

There’s a new article in Computerworld talking about Groove Server 2007.  “Office Groove Server creates the functional magic between Groove clients and extends management, communication and data integration…” Jonathan Hassell. Read the whole article here: What You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Groove Server Link to this page:  


How to get started with Groove

It is REALLY easy to get started with Groove.  Just go to the web, download the client, and you are good to go.  You’ll need a passport account to download the client, but other than that, anyone can try Groove. The free download is valid for 60 days, during which you’ll get 3 emails. First…