What you need to know about Groove Server

There’s a new article in Computerworld talking about Groove Server 2007.  “Office Groove Server creates the functional magic between Groove clients and extends management, communication and data integration…” Jonathan Hassell. Read the whole article here: What You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Groove Server Link to this page: http://blogs.technet.com/groove/archive/2007/05/02/computerworld-what-you-need-to-know-about-groove-server.aspx  


How to integrate Groove with a .NET Framework Application

John Hancock (www.johnchancock.com) is a Senior MCS consultant with a background in building, and writing about, .NET apps.  He has recently been working with Groove, and published a great article on MSDN about  integrating Groove with a custom .NET Framework application.  You can download the code sample, or Explore the sample code online.  The code…


Groove Security, meet SharePoint Security.

If you are looking at Groove and SharePoint, at some point the security questions start coming up…Does Groove support SharePoint ACL’s in the SharePoint Files Tool?  Who can edit content in the tool?  Who can get access to the tool?  Is this a violation of the SharePoint security model?  Groove Security, meet SharePoint.  SharePoint, meet…


Groove vs. SharePoint

I get asked a lot about Groove and SharePoint. They both support collaboration, right? Why do I need both? Can ‘t I just do all my work in _______? While each is a strong product in its own right, they are really targeting different types of activities. Deploy them together, and you can get some…