Do I need Microsoft Office Groove Server?

There seems to be some confusion about where, when, or even who needs Groove Server 2007.  I’ll try to clarify, with text and pictures.  Let me know if I succeed.   Most readers know that Office Groove 2007 is first and foremost a client application.  The client is mainly available in three configurations: Office Live Groove, Office…


Dekiru Groove

  We’ve often said that as part of Microsoft Office, Groove has global reach.  So, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that a guidebook for Groove has been published in Japan.  Then again, I am easily surprised.   Called “Dekiru Groove 2007” , the guidebook from Japanese leading publisher Impress Japan is targeted to entry…


How to get started with Groove

It is REALLY easy to get started with Groove.  Just go to the web, download the client, and you are good to go.  You’ll need a passport account to download the client, but other than that, anyone can try Groove. The free download is valid for 60 days, during which you’ll get 3 emails. First…


Groove Security Whitepaper

A new whitepaper on TechNet takes an in depth look at the Groove security model.  This is one of the most important documents to read if you are evaluating Groove 2007.  Why?  Because for most of our customers, the decision to use Groove is based on the assumption that the users will working inside, and outside…


Groove Webcast: Deploying Groove client and Server

Later this morning I am hosting a webcast on deploying Groove client and server.  We’ll talk mainoly about how Groove works, what the deployent options are, and how to get started with your own Groove deployment. You can register for the webcast here: Attendee Registration URL: Link to this Article: