Office Groove Server 2007: Audit

Learn about Groove 2007 Auditing

We've just released a new whitepaper that discusses the Microsoft Office Groove Server 2007 Auditing feature. It provides information about Audit requirements, a description of how the feature works, and guidance about when and how to deploy it. 

If your organization is subject to compliance regulations, the ability to audit business processes is a key part of your risk management strategy.  When those business processes span company boundaries, crossing the firewall to include partners, customers, and suppliers, it can be difficult for IT to maintain adequate controls.  Office Groove 2007 provides a secure way for teams to work together, while the Audit feature provides a mechanism for collecting specific information about Groove user events into SQL databases. IT administrators can interpret the stored data and process it using SQL queries, or format audit output using external SQL reporting tools.

The Audit feature is only available to organizations that have deployed Groove Server 2007 on site (in other words, it is not available to Enterprise Services customers).   The Audit feature requires a separate installation of the Groove Server Manager, so if you need Audit, you will need at least 1 Relay and 2 Manager servers, each installed on separate hardware.  More detail on the requirements are provided in the paper.

Many thanks to Mena, Bill, Ravi, and Leon for getting this paper together!


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    Learn about Groove 2007 Auditing We’ve just released a new whitepaper that discusses the Microsoft Office

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