Groove and the Extranet Collab Toolkit

New Solution Accelerator just released:  Extranet Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint

Do you need tools to collaborate securely with others across the Internet?  The Beta for the Extranet Collaboration Toolkit for Sharepoint has just been released.  Inside you'll find "Choosing a Collaboration Solution", a paper focused on helping you get the most out of the Office System collaboration tools, including Office Groove 2007 and the "Deployment and Operations Guide" for detailed instructions on setting up SharePoint for the extranet. 

I found the criteria for choosing the collab solution to be especially helpful.  I know many people are looking for guidance on when to use Groove, when to use SharePoint, when to use email, etc.  This paper looks at a number of criteria, and offers an analysis of where each app has its strenght.  Also included is information on how the apps can be used together to achieve more powerful results. 

The paper looks at a number of criteria, such as Frequency of Collaboration, level of confidentialtiy, the project duration, and amount of data that is shared.  Offine requirements, and specificty of Access Control are also considered.

Extranet Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint is now available at



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