GrooveIt v2 reviewed

You might have read my earlier post on GrooveIt, a little app from Hommes and Process  that neatly connects Microsoft Groove 2007 and Outlook.  My colleague Simon recently tested out GrooveIT v2 and provides the following report.  Thanks Simon!


link to this article:

I thought I would give you an initial overview / beta thoughts and comments on Hommes and Process latest offering GrooveIT! v2 For Microsoft Office Outlook.

I have installed and tested this with a partner and found this product to work well for my particular needs.

I wanted to;

  • Have my mail available to multiple workstations and to other staff (I currently use PST’s and POP3/IMAP)

  • Have my contacts, tasks, and Calendar available on multiple workstations and  share with other Groove users (that may or may not be using Outlook / able to access OWA type solutions).

  • RSS is the competitive edge for me ... I want to share my key RSS feeds with customers and have a briefcase style solution so My feeds will always be on any Groove connected computer.

My thoughts are that the install went smoothly (my Partner contact installed it) and it flowed though to me as  a Groove Workspace Attendee very quickly.

Initially, the results have come back very well, it seems very quick and the “Rules” component (ie updating automatically out of Outlook folder of your choosing to Groove Workspace) is reliable and fast.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here’s my results!:

Contacts Sample


Mail Sample


RSS Feeds Sample:


Key things to keep watching for me will be the following;

  • What happens when I hit 1GB of information... this can happen very very quickly with Mail .. and what happens to the Groove workspace when I exceed these limits,

  • Version 3, will there be nicer UI changes.. its a bit limited in its “prettiness” currently and I would love to see a UI update,

  • Search, I need to spend some more time look at search but first cut its looking Great!

All in all, Great product I’m sure I will get great use out of it.



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