Cross-Firewall Collaboration – Real Risk in the Real world

“More Than Half of High-Tech Manufacturers Report Collaborating With Partners, Suppliers via Non-Secure Channels”

High-tech manufacturing firms not only are collaborating with value chain partners through nonsecure communications tools, such as Web e-mail and personal instant messaging, they also have serious concerns about the potential for loss of intellectual property, reports a new survey from Microsoft Corp.

According to a recent research report  Microsoft Collaboration in High-Tech Manufacturing Survey, 2007  conducted by Washington DC based KRC Research commissioned by Microsoft revealed some sobering facts.   

  • 95% of Business Decision Makers and 99% of Technical Decision Makers use email to collaborate with their value chain.
  • 53% of BDMs and 72% of TDMs report that that e-mail is the primary tool for collaboration for their department or company.

And what type of information are high tech manufacturers exchanging with their business partners, vendors, and suppliers?

  • Product Plans or Technical data
  • Pricing or financial data
  • Contracts, legal agreements
  • Product design drawings
  • Sales and Marketing plans

“The use of nonsecure communications tools is staggering, and high-tech firms are struggling to find ways to communicate with value chain partners more quickly and effectively, without compromising valuable intellectual property and other sensitive data.” Tyler Bryson, General Manager, Microsoft U.S. Manufacturing Industry Group 

For more information about the study, please visit the Microsoft Global High Tech Summit 2007


So how can Groove 2007 and the 2007 Office System help solve this problem?

Groove 2007 provides strong end to end protection of all content using 192-bit Advanced Encryption Standard keys to encrypt workspace data, public/private keypairs to authenticate workspace members, and centralized control of policies via the Groove Server Manager.

For more detail on how Groove provides secure collaboration, read more:

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