Groove Certification Exam

Get it while its hot.  The Microsoft Office Groove 2007 certification exam is now available, in beta, for a limited time.  Take the test now, for free, and you'll get your certificate.  Be the first kid on your block with the MS Groove cert tacked up on the fridge.

Some FAQ's about the Microsoft Groove 2007 exam, #77-555 :

1) Our beta exams are administered at all of Prometric test locations. 

2) What is the Exam code?  The Microsoft Groove 2007 exam code is  77-555.   The Beta promotion code is MOG07

3) How long is the beta exam available?  The Microsoft Groove 2007 beta exam will be availble until on or around October 4th .

4) What happens if I pass the exam?  If you pass, you will get a certificate stating that you passed the Microsoft Groove 2007 certification. 

5) What if I don't pass the exam?  Study.  You'll do fine.  But if you don't pass, you shouldn't take the exam again until after the beta period is over. 

5) Are there any extra credit questions?  If you do well on the exam, you may have the opportunity to participate in the Item Selection sessions.  

Don't delay -- order now -- operators are standing by!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Want to test your knowledge of Microsoft Office Groove? Take the (beta) certification exam (77-555) before October 4th, 2007, using the promo code MOG07! Free, except for your time. You can read more about this here.

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