Office 2007 SP2 and PDF version support – @Pot&Kettle

I wanted to discuss a specific coverage area for Office 2007 SP2. I was recently directed toward the Acrobat Team blog, which is pointing out some of the differences between Adobe Acrobat 9 and Office 2007 SP2. As explained in the post, Adobe has worked hard to add value to the Office platform with the Acrobat…


Office 2007 Service Pack 2 Kiosk, with more staples

Read this first if you’re looking for SP2 details: Office 2007 Service Pack 2 is getting quite a bit of attention, it is great to see. There has been world-wide traffic coming to my blog, and I’m sure that Doug’s, Tom Robertson’s, Sustaining Engineering, and other posts are getting lots of traffic as well….


The value of a checkbox as defined by a standard

Just keeping tabs on the state of matters for document format standards. I thought I’d share some of those interesting data points and connect some dots along the way. Ouch. Rich Jelliffe discusses some of the dynamics of the OASIS ODF TC. Rick says: “It seems that OASIS rules actually ban Technical Committee members from…


Microsoft adds “Save as ODF” to Office 2007 Service Pack 2

Updated. April 28, 2009. Office 2007 SP2 is available for download. For more information:  For those of you who have been following the file format issue for a while, you’ll recognize today’s action by Microsoft as another significant step forward in enabling interoperability. This hopefully sends a signal (again) to our customers that we…