Off Topic: Check out the Office Ribbon Hero

Taking a break from Custom XML for a moment. more posts on the topic are imminent. Jennifer Michelstein announced the Office Ribbon Hero today, a fun thing you can install with Office 2007 or the 2010 beta to test your depth of usage of Office. The challenge, of course, is for you to beat me….


2010 New Year’s Resolutions & Beer Selection, Simplified + 2009 blog in review

On December 15, 1999, I was sitting in my home in England (near Reading), having just wrapped up a trip to Salzburg to fix a huge problem related to classified pagination. This work was sandwiched between several Y2k conversions (in reality it was more like “2004-proofing” due to the size of the field containing the…


5 Years at Microsoft

It’s a small thing, but fun. Today I was given my 5-year service award for Microsoft. With a brief ceremony and a few jokes about how much more gray hair I have these days, I am now the proud owner of a new conversation piece. Just like Star Trek, I have a crystal that is…


I get your strategy, but where are you hosting your data?

With all the talk about Azure at PDC09 today, I cannot help but observe the inevitable language correction required to once again accommodate the technology lexicon. “On-premise” vs. “On-Premises.” Many, many people are throwing the words around, as if they are interchangeable. has the following definition for “premise” If you are a stickler for…


Breaking down the 4th wall; the typical end of year fun

Winding down the year causes a variety of reactions from people. Some (like me) have a mild panic when they realize another year has ticked by on the calendar, wondering how they managed to fill all that time between the things they didn’t do this year. Realizing that they must have had a birthday at…